Castles and Cupcakes is built on the love of creative and colourful things, mixed with the enjoyment I've had from planning birthday parties for my daughter and most importantly hearing her expressive views of parties still to come. I've learned a lot from watching her grow and have seen the benefits of inspirational toys, dress-up outfits and eye catching party features and have brought this concept into party themes where little ones can play and have fun in their own imaginative world, while the party essentials blend in to create an overall enchanting effect.


The idea of a birthday party is so much more to a little person than I ever imagined, birthdays are a special time for them, a time to have their moment and shine. I have chosen some simple but special products to represent popular party themes and I'm hoping that other Mum's out there will be able to enjoy fun, hassle free party planning just as I have.


Thanks to my daughter who has given me the inspiration to take on the exciting challenge of starting up a business on my own. Having chosen to move away from my full time job and spend these precious early years with her, I now have the flexibility to enjoy time with my family as well as the satisfaction of a creative outlet in Castles and Cupcakes.

This site is for all the precious little people out there and to creating happiness and excitement on their special day.


Thank-you for visiting our store, we hope to see you again soon.


Happy planning!!